Nursing: Long Term Care Nurse Aide Program

Nursing: Long Term Care

Program Description

The Long Term Care Nurse Aide Certificate of Competence includes one course, NURS 9 (150 hours) that prepares entry-level nurse aides to provide basic nursing care to the elderly, ill, and disabled in the long term care, subacute and home health settings. Students learn to give basic personal care, communicate with patients and staff, respect resident rights and provide physical and emotional support. Graduates are eligible to take the State of Hawai‘i Nurse Assistant Competency Evaluation Exam.

Degree and Certificate Programs

  • Certificate of Competence – Long-Term Care Nurse Aide  (6 credits)

Admissions Procedure

For detailed admissions information, go to the Nursing: Long Term Care Nurse Aide – Admissions Procedures page.


Nursing Program Career Ladder

After acquiring nurse aide certification or completing six months of full-time nurse aide work experience in a Medicare-approved facility, a nurse aide may apply to the KCC Adult Residential Care Home Operator (ARCH) program in order to establish a care home for residents who elderly and/or may be mentally ill, mentally disabled or have chronic diseases. The KCC ARCH Program consists of three courses: NURS 12 – ARCH Common Diseases, Diets and Medications; NURS 13 – ARCH Helping Therapies and Behavior Management; and NURS 14 – ARCH Regulations, Accounts and Community Resources. For more information, please visit ARCH Program.

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