New Media Arts Program


Program Description

The New Media Arts program at Kapi‘olani Community College prepares students for
professional work in the fields of digital media design, computer animation, and the converging industries that require advanced skills in multimedia design and production. The program is intended to serve professionals updating and refining their job skills and students preparing for a career in digital design or production. The program integrates classroom instruction with hands-on production skills in a learning environment that encourages the collaborative process inherent in professional multimedia design and production.

 Special Admission Requirements for New Media Arts

Program application materials including official transcripts, portfolios, and essays must be received by April 1 for fall semester admission. Grade reports for spring courses are due May 30.

The prerequisites must be completed before entry into the New Media Arts AS degree program. Completion of coursework and grades will be considered in selecting students for the program. Admission to the New Media Arts program is based on a competitive selection of students. The criteria for selection include:

  1. Grades for prerequisite courses.
  2. Visual Art Portfolio.
  3. Essay.

Degree and Certificate Programs

NMA offers an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in two concentrations: Animation and Interface Design. The Associate in Science in New Media Arts prepares students for entry-level positions in the field.

  • Associate in Science in New Media Arts with a Concentration in Animation (69 credits)
  • Associate in Science in New Media Arts with a Concentration in Interface Design (75 credits)

Potential Careers and Employers

  • Animation Careers: 3D computer animation, video game development, digital postproduction and special effects.
  •  Interface Design Careers: Web/Interface design, print design, and multimedia design.


Download forms & documents at the New Media Arts Program Toolbox.


Contact Information

Jesse Hookano
Jesse Hookano KCC Student

Before hearing about the New Media Arts Program at KCC, I had thought that the mainland was the only way to go to expand one’s creativity into the digital age. Being able to learn multimedia art at home was a huge advantage for me, especially having been a fan of computers, video gaming, and art for many years, but not having any type of schooling for a combination of those things available, I never thought it possible to pursue an education in said field. This program gave me the chance to learn the latest software as well as techniques for use in the industry, and to pursue an education in a field I was interested in.