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Kapiʻolani Community College’s Paralegal program is the only Hawai‘i-based paralegal program offered in the State. Since 1978, it has been an American Bar Association-approved program and has been the major source of trained paralegals in the Hawai‘i legal community. A paralegal is a legal professional who assists in the delivery of legal services, generally under the supervision of an attorney. A paralegal is a member of the legal team in private law offices, government agencies, and corporations, performing technical and paraprofessional responsibilities. These include interviewing and assisting clients, legal research and writing, communicating effectively, implementing legal procedures, preparing instruments and documents, assisting in judicial and administrative appearances, representing clients in selected administrative hearings, completing client projects, calendaring, and coordinating office functions. These functions overlap with those of an attorney. The program graduate will be qualified to work in a private law firm, corporation, public
agencies, and public law firms.

A paralegal may not provide legal services directly to the public.

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