Respiratory Care Practitioner Program


Program Description

In the Respiratory Care program you will learn to care for patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary system disorders. Specifically, you will learn to perform routine therapy such as oxygen, lung inflation, and secretion management, as well as, critical care modalities such as ventilator management, arterial puncture and analysis, neonatal and pediatric care, home care, sleep technology, hemodynamics, and ECG. You will receive laboratory training followed by hands-on experience in hospitals, labs, and home care sites. Respiratory Care is a 101 credit program that requires 29 credits of liberal arts and sciences prior to entering the six semesters of professional training and 12 credits of arts and science electives.

Degree and Certificate Programs

  • Associate of Science degree – Respiratory Care (101 credits)

Potential Careers and Employers

  • Careers: Respiratory care practitioners (RCP’s) work in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes; they also provide home care. 


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