Second Language Teaching (SLT)


Program Description

The AS degree for Educational Paraprofessionals with a concentration in Second Language Teaching (SLT) will prepare students to work as assistants with English as a Second Language (ESL) students in various classroom settings, including public and private, K-12 and adult education settings, locally and abroad. The program is intended to serve ESL teachers and assistants presently working in the field to update and refine their skills and individuals preparing for work in the field of ESL.

Degree and Certificate Programs

  • Associate in Science – Educational Paraprofessional with a Concentration in Second Language Teaching (60-62 credits)
  • Certificate of Competence in TESOL (21 credits)

The new A.A. with a Concentration in SLT is currently under development for students who wish to receive the traditional, undergraduate transfer degree, which includes the certificate in SLT. For additional info on this degree, please contact the SLT Program Coordinator, Shawn Ford.

Potential Careers and Employers

The SLT Program provides unique training for students who are interested in becoming second language tutors, second language teaching assistants, and – with further training – second language teachers, in various global contexts. Students focus on the language of their choice, depending on their career goals and interests. Our graduates can pursue careers – in various contexts – in public and private K-12 schools, adult education, private language schools and even schools of their own!

Program Features

  • Flagship community college in the University of Hawai‘i system
  • Fully accredited
  • Beautiful campus
  • Student support services
  • Small, personal class sizes
  • Campus located near beautiful Waikiki Beach in Honolulu
  • Based on TESOL best-practices
  • Intuitive, practical, project-based
  • Service Learning requirements
  • 1-year OPT option for international students
  • M.A. degrees in SLS/ TESOL
  • Experienced teacher-trainers
  • Published teacher-researchers


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Contact Information

Reiko Suzuki
Reiko Suzuki
The SLT program at KCC was one of the most ideal learning experiences that I could have in college. The SLT program allowed me to get into a real classroom setting to observe what was happening and help students who were second language learners. This experience allowed me to apply what I learned in the SLT classroom in various tutoring sites, and I was also be able to bring back what I observed/learned from my tutoring experiences to the SLT classroom to discuss with my peers. This process was very valuable and enhanced my learning experience.


If you are passionate about learning to teach a second language, I highly recommend you experience the SLT Program at KCC. Do not just stay in a college classroom setting being told what it is like; get out into the real world of teaching and experience what it is like to teach. It will be a rewarding experience that you will never regret or forget.