27th Annual International Festival – March 19

27th Annual International Festival – March 19


Please join us as we celebrate student engagement, learning and achievement as we broaden student’s perspectives through International Education on the Kapi‘olani Community College campus. Download the full 27th Annual International Festival flier for event schedules across March 16 – March 19.


8:30-9:00am – Ohi‘a Auditorium

  • Guest Speaker: Chris Lee is the Founder/Director of the Academy for Creative Media System at the University of Hawai‘i which supports creative or digital media programs at 9 campuses on all islands. The former President of Production for Columbia/Tri-Star Pictures, Mr. Lee supervised Academy Award-winning films like Jerry Maguire, As Good As It Gets, and Philadephia, and was the Executive Producer for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and Valkyrie. Most recently, he produced How to Win at Checkers (EveryTime), with a World Premiere recently at the Berlin International Film Festival. Checkers, based on a book by a Thai writer, was filmed in Thai with an all Thai cast and crew. Mr. Lee will discuss the challenges & opportunities of working on international film productions & the impact films have on our perceptions.


9:15-10:30am  Ohi‘a Auditorium

  1. Methodological Dilemmas: Visual Anthropology or Anthropology of the Visual?
    Guest speaker: KCC’s Guido Carlo Pigliasco
  2. Language in Cinema
    Guest Speaker: Louis Bousquet, Chair of the French/Italian Program at the Dept of Languages and Literature’s of Europe and the Americas (LLEA) will discuss language in the movie, A Prophet.
  3. Key Cultural Concepts through Cinema
    Guest Speaker: Christal Whelan, author and anthropologist, will discuss films from a global repertoire that illustrate fundamental concepts in anthropology.
  4. Television Production in Hawaii: Going Local
    Guest Speaker: Brent Anbe, Head of Casting from Hawaii Five-0 will focus on aspects of production.


10:45-12:00am – Ohi‘a Auditorium

  1. Ethnomusicology in Films
    Guest Speaker: Beryl Yang, Ethnomusicologist and performer, Beryl will discuss music and world cultures through films.
  2. Pacific Island Films & Culture
    Guest Speaker: KCC’s Noe Tupou, Hawaiian & Pacific Island Studies will examine culture through film.
  3. Bridging the Gap: Strategies in Cross Cultural Documentary Production
    Guest Speaker: Risa Okamoto-Beer, an award-winning documentary producer/director, and a media educator who has directed and produced numerous documentaries for major international broadcasters.
  4. Documentaries, Storytelling and Social Change
    Guest Speaker: Gemma Cubero, is a bilingual writer, producer, director and teacher with a passion for storytelling using words, film/video and multimedia.


12:15-12:45pm – Ohi‘a Cafeteria

  • Guest performers: Aaja Nachle, is Hawaii’s authentic Bollywood and Indian Folk Dance group founded by Dr. Sai Bhatawadekar and Nada McClellan. Enjoy their energetic and beautiful performances, learn about the cultures of South Asia, and come dance with them.


1:45-3:45pm – Ohi‘a Auditorium

  • Explore the crucial script writing elements of language, dialogue and exposition with professional scriptwriter, Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl. This lively session will include examples, exercises and your willing participation. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of cultural considerations when creating a script with Pacific or Asian themes and cultural content. KCC students will be invited to attend through their instructors and tasked to begin a script with Pacific or Asian cultural content, to be turned in to the workshop instructor and judged for script and character development, establishment of a cultural environment, and creative use of music.


6:30-8:30pm – Ohi‘a Auditorium

  • Dearest (Japanese language film, 2012)
    Based on the award-winning novel by Akio Morisawa as a poignant and gentle story about a retired prison guard, who travels across Japan to fulfill his late wife’s final wish. The acclaimed film was the winner of 12 prizes at the 36th Japan Academy Awards. Introduction by Kalani Fujiwara, KCC Political Science.

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