Pharmacy Technician Program Outcomes

Certificate of Competence – Pharmacy Technician

Certificate Objectives:

  • Prepare pharmacy technicians for employment and for certification by taking the voluntary national examination administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.
  • Provide skills and competencies in the areas of
    • assisting the pharmacist in serving patients.
    • maintaining medication and inventory control systems.
    • participation in the administration and management of pharmacy practice.

Certificate Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Competence in Pharmacy Technician, the student should be able to:

  • Function in the role of a primary pharmacy technician under the direction of the pharmacist.
  • Receive prescription or medication orders and get all necessary and pertinent information to process the orders.
  • Perform all types of calculations required to fill prescription and medication orders, including conversions of measurement systems.
  • Correctly process precription/order forms.
  • Compound prescription/medication orders as required.
  • Completely and accurately record and document each phase of the process of filling, distributing, and obtaining reimbursements/payments for prescription/medication orders.
  • List brand and generic names of a minimum of 200 commonly used prescription drugs, their uses, how they work, and side effects if any; correlate their actions with the functions of the body systems on which they act.
  • Maintain medication and inventory control systems.
  • Participate effectively in quality assurance programs.
  • Participate in administration and management of pharmacy practice.

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