Paralegal Program Advisory Committee

The Kapi‘olani Community College Paralegal Program Advisory Committee represents a cross-section of the legal profession in Hawai‘i – attorneys, private and public sector paralegals, law firm administrators, and faculty, as well as representatives from the students and the general public. Duties of the Advisory Committee include informing the program about changes and trends in the field, assisting the program in assessing the job market and in exploring and developing career opportunities for paralegals, publicizing the program and securing community cooperation and interest, evaluating the adequacy of library resources, and assessing the effectiveness of the total program in terms of its curriculum and objectives, the needs of the legal community, and graduate performance.

The advisory committee meets every semester.

Current membership

  • Paul A. Tomar, Esq., Chairperson
    Ashford & Wriston
    Practicing Attorney
  • Michelle Chun
    Kapi‘olani Community College
    Student representative
  • Kiana DeYoung
    Hosoda & Bonner
    Private sector paralegal
  • Kenneth Fukunaga, Esq.
    Fukunaga, Matayoshi, Hershey & Ching
    Practicing attorney
  • David Hayakawa, Esq.
    Law Offices of Howard Luke
    Practicing Attorney
  • Leslie Hill
    Legal Aid Society of Hawai‘i
    Public sector paralegal
  • Kim Koide Iwao
    Kapi‘olani Community College
    Faculty member
  • Susan Jaworowski
    Kapi‘olani Community College
    Program administration
  • Ashley King
    Executive Director & Ediscovery Manager
    Private sector paralegal, Paralegal manager, Faculty member
  • Lenora Lee, Ph.D.
    UH Elder Law Program
    Richardson School of Law
    Public Sector Paralegal
  • Rodney Nagasako, Paralegal
    Carlsmith Ball
    Private Sector Paralegal
  • James Pietsch, Esq.
    UH Elder Law Program
    Richardson School of Law
    Practicing Attorney, Professor of Law, UH Mānoa School of Law representative
  • Barbara Polk
    Retired Provost, Leeward Community College
    General Public member
  • Barbara Ritchie, Paralegal
    Paralegal Emeritus representative
    Private Sector Paralegal
  • Diane Sherman
    Executive Director
    Clay Chapman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell
    Law firm administrator
  • Lisa Tellio
    Central Pacific Bank
    Attorney member

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