Surgical Technology Program


Program Description

Surgical Technology Science is a 75 hour combination of modules which prepare the student for entry into the Surgical Technology Program. It relates content from biology, microbiology, medical terminology to the performance of operative procedures and the work of the Surgical Technologist. Classroom instruction and an onsite operating room exposure introduce the student to the working environment and role of this important member of the surgical team.

Admissions Procedure

For detailed admissions information, go to the Surgical Technology Program Admissions Procedures webpage.

Degree and Certificate Programs

The Surgical Technology Program offers a Certificate of Competence and includes five phases with each phase consisting of up to 175 hours of classroom instruction, lab and clinical practicum.

  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology Science (75 hours)
  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology I (175 hours)
  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology II (175 hours)
  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology III (175 hours)
  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology IV (175 hours)
  • Certificate of Competence – Surgical Technology V (130 hours)


After completing the Surgical Technology Program, graduates may apply to complete the Certification as Surgical Technologist (CST) Exam via the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). The NBSTSA was formerly known as the Liaison Council for Certified Surgical Technologists (LCC-ST). More information can be obtained via the NBSTSA website.

After acquiring certification status, surgical technologists may become members of the Association for Surgical Technologist (AST). More information can be obtained via the AST website.

Qualities Needed

The work of the surgical technologist includes long hours of standing, wearing full surgical garb, lifting, and turning to reach instruments and equipment or to assist the patient. The environment can be stressful and fast-paced. Surgical Technologists must be attentive to detail and thorough in completing work tasks. The position requires an individual to possess the ability to deal with criticism as well as react calmly and effectively to high stress situations. Team work is a high priority. Many agencies also require a criminal background check and urine drug screening.



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Surgical Student Lim KCC Student

The education I received in the Surgical Technology Program at KCC gave me the edge I needed to succeed in the Medical Technology field. Thanks!