Accessibility Plans


Kapiʻolani Community College has a long history of working to address accessibility issues related to technology. For a list of activities and accomplishments, see our IT Accessibility Progress page.

Future Plans

Current efforts build on these earlier efforts. Following is a list of short term goals and activities geared toward addressing accessibility of new and existing information technologies.

2018, ongoing

Plans to remove offending satellite sites that have accessibility issues. Includes Koa Gallery, Culinary, STEM.

2018, January, ongoing

Review of priority PDFs for review; ensure headers and EO statements on these print materials.

2018, Summer

Review and finish all the accessibility content and tips that was published on the main website; include screenshots and review for accuracy.

2018, Summer

Staff Council Ad-Hoc Accessibility Committee presented a list of campus accessibility recommendations; vote of approval was made in July 17th with the intend to move that up to the Chancellor.

2018, Summer, ongoing

Address Priority 2 Accessibility Guidelines: (fix remaining pages and functions; address training to faculty and staff.

2018, Fall

Siteimprove license is now unlimited; will work on a means to routinely schedule accessibility reports to stakeholders who continue to manage their own academic program site(s)


DSSO & Webgroup to organize workshops & training events twice a semester for content contributors; each to coincide with specific ADA digital media challenges and how to resolve them. Plans to preface each training with an email blast to all faculty and staff.


Plan to formally announce and endorse the web content guide to all content contributors on campus
Create page(s) on our main site for Accessibility; plans to help content contributors remedy their own materials.

2018, Fall

Web Group planning for a 15 minute slot in the next Convocation to reinforce the idea that everyone has a role in helping to address ADA compliance.

2018, Fall

Debut of a new Student Application portal which is intended to improve the web experience; being both mobile-friendly and ADA compliant. The hope is to demonstrate a simple UI will improve applicants who currently seem to start applying but never end up actually enrolling.


Looking to promote the use of accessible KCC branded templates for documents, events and presentations.

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