Health Requirements

Health Clearance Information

The Department of Health requires all college students to be:

  • Free of Tuberculosis (TB) and
  • Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR).

All students must show proof of a negative TB test and proof of two (2) Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) shots or one MMR shot and one (1) measles shot prior to registration. Please keep originals for your records. Copies will not be released to students. Submit photocopies only of negative TB skin test/Chest X-ray report & 2 MMR shots as soon as possible.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

Items to submit BEFORE registration:

TB Clearance card or report (Need TB test date, TB read date, millimeter test reading or negative X-ray report)

  • New Students – negative PPD skin test or Chest X-ray within 1 year of the start of semester.
  • Transfer and Returning Students – Need both TB test and proof of attending other courses after high school/College if TB test is over 1 year old.
  • International (F-1) Students – TB Clearance from a M.D. in the U.S. or Hawaii before registration is allowed. Please keep in mind that if you take a TB exam in your home country you can check on your eligibility for admission, however we will still require test results received in the U.S. to satisfy your health clearance requirements.
  • Check out State of Hawaii TB test locations & other information.

Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) Clearance

  • Proof of two (2) Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) shots or combination 1 Measles and 1 MMR shot one month apart on or after 1/1/68 and on or after 1st birthday OR
  • Positive Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) IgG blood test report if had shots but no record found or if had disease (Request coupon for Kalihi-Palama Health Center from the Health Office or order test through your M.D. and pay lab at time of service for discount) OR
  • If born before 1957: MMR not required.

Where can I go to get blood tests or MMR shots?

Students may be accepted to KCC without the required clearances, but they will not be able to register for classes until the clearances are received.

Health clearances should be submitted to the Kekaulike Information and Service Center (KISC). Please be sure to write the student’s full name and UH Number on the health clearances.

Special Health Requirements

International students have to meet additional health requirements prior to registration. For more information, contact Honda International Center.

Health sciences and nursing students also have to meet additional health requirements that will be explained in their acceptance letters.

Religious Waivers

Students may request religious exemption to measles immunization requirements, by signing a waiver form and providing a letter claiming exemption status based on membership in a recognized religious organization. The form is available at KISC.

Currently enrolled KapCC or UH system students do not need to submit measles immunization clearances. New or returning students, or transfer students from non-UH system colleges born after 1957 must submit measles immunization clearances.

Students should contact their personal physician for their measles immunization record. Students without records may obtain initial and booster immunization shots from private physicians, medical clinics, or the University Health Services Mānoa.

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