College Credit Equivalency Program

Kapiʻolani Community College (KCC) recognizes that learning outside the traditional college setting can provide college-level competency.

The College Credit Equivalency Program provides a means to assess this learning through examinations, portfolios, or records of non-college courses and training.

Policies governing the College Credit Equivalency Program

  1. The various forms of credit evaluation are available only to students currently registered at KCC.
  2. Letter grades will not be granted for credits awarded through this program. Instead “CR” (credit) will be used and will not be calculated into the cumulative grade point average.
  3. Credits awarded through this program will be identified as such on the student’s academic record and may not be accepted by other institutions.
  4. These credits may not be used to meet the last 12-credit residency requirement for degrees and certificates unless the requirement is waived by a departmental dean.
  5. Credit may be granted for both electives and courses required for a major. Individual departments determine which courses or credits are appropriate for these programs and how many credits will be accepted through these procedures.
  6. Credits will be granted only toward a student’s declared major and may require reevaluation if the major is changed.
  7. Evaluation of alternative learning experiences older than ten years, or any period of time designated by a department, may include review for currency.
  8. Evaluation resources such as the American Council on Education (ACE) guides will be consulted, but KCC reserves the right to reject recommendations from such sources.
  9. The number and type of credits awarded will be governed by the extent to which the knowledge and skills documented in the evaluation process are comparable to the competencies described in existing KCC courses and outlined in college-wide and/or associate degree-level statements.

Learning may be assessed in the following ways:

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