Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination assesses previous learning. Credits earned through this process are equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the semester exam. Examinations vary depending on the course being challenged. Some courses may not be challenged. A course may be challenged once. Credit by Examination is not an option for courses in which a person is currently enrolled as a regular student.

Tuition and fees for these classes are the same as for other classes.


Students may apply for Credit by Examination if they can present evidence of having attained, through experience or training, the equivalent competencies of a course offered at Kapiolani Community College.

Each department decides if a course is eligible. For specific course information contact the instructional department offering the course. Application forms are available from the instructional department offering the course.

Application and registration must be completed within the first six weeks of the semester or within the first two weeks of special term or summer classes. Registration must be completed at the Kekaulike Information and Service Center. The instructor administering the examination will arrange the test date and time.


Students successfully challenging a course will not receive a letter grade. Instead, “CR” (credit) will be used and will not be calculated into their grade point average. The credit will not count toward a student’s full or part-time status.

Students should check with their program counselor to see if these credits may be used toward meeting degree requirements. These credits may not be used to meet the last 12-credit residency requirement for the major, unless the department dean waives the requirement.

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