Life / Learning Experience Assessment Program

LEAP assesses previous learning and provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a portfolio documenting theory and application of subject matter.

Your portfolio will be evaluated by appropriate administrators and faculty. If you meet the competency requirements of courses you may be awarded credits.

Eligible Courses

Not all courses are eligible for LEAP credit. A department determines if a course is eligible. Only those courses so identified and set up by a department may be awarded LEAP credits.

The eligible courses are:

  • ACC 201, ACC 202
  • BUS 120, BUS 122
  • EMT 100, EMT 101, EMT 110
  • FSHE 152
  • MGT 118
  • MICT 150, MICT 160, MICT 200, MICT 201, MICT 202, MICT 250
  • MKT 160, MKT 160L, MKT 150


The fee amount depends on the number of credits being sought:

Credits Fee
1 – 6 $ 45
7 – 15 $ 70
16 – 24 $ 100
25 – 36 $ 130
37 – 50 $ 160
51 or more $ 186

Important Information

  • Letter grades are not granted. Instead, “CR” (credit) will be used and will not be calculated into your grade point average.
  • The credits will not count toward full or part-time status.
  • Check with your program counselor to see how these credits may be used toward meeting degree requirements. These credits may not be used to meet the last 12-credit residency requirement for the major, unless the requirement is waived by the department dean.
  • Each college and university has its own policies and regulations regarding the acceptance of learning experiences outside the traditional college setting. For specific information, contact the college or university you are considering for transfer.

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