The American Council on Education Program

The ACE program is a way to assess previous learning outside the traditional college setting to determine if it provides college-level competency.

A student may earn credit for a course, test, certificate, licensure or training in an academic subject area when a review demonstrates that the competency requirements of a Kapiolani Community College (KCC) course have been met.

Evaluation of Learning Experiences

  • Provide documentation of your prior learning to Kekaulike Information and Service Center (KISC) (contact information provided below) as you begin your education at KCC.
  • KISC will work with the relevant KCC departmental faculty and administrators to evaluate your experience and review your documents.
  • You will be notified as to whether or not credit will be granted for your experiences.
  • Important Information

  • Each KCC department makes its own decision regarding the awarding of ACE credit for its courses.
  • There is no charge for ACE.
  • Letter grades are not granted for credits awarded through ACE. Instead, “CR” will be used and will not be calculated into your grade point average.
  • Credits enrolled or earned though ACE are not counted in determining full- or part-time status.
  • Please check with your program counselor to see if ACE credits may be used toward meeting degree requirements. These credits may not be used to meet the last 12-credit residency requirement for the major, unless the requirement is waived by the departmental dean.
  • Each college or university you attend has its own policies and regulations regarding the acceptance of learning experiences outside the traditional college setting. For specific information, contact the college or university you are considering for transfer.

For more information, see “American Council on Education” under the Related Links section.

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