Dual Credit

The Dual Credit provides an opportunity for high school students to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

Please view House Bill 95 for more detailed information about Dual Credit.

Dual Credit Checklist

What to do now:

  • Talk with your high school counselor about Dual Credit.
  • Complete the Dual Credit application.
  • Complete the UH System application. Select “Early Admit, Running Start, and Jump Start” as your “Planned Course of Study”.
  • Complete the Title IX and Mandatory Reporting form and submit it to your high school counselor.
  • Get a UH ID number at ‘Ilima 102.
  • Take the Placement Test.
  • Prospective Dual Credit students MUST place into at least ENG 100 and MATH 82 to be eligible
  • Submit MMR and TB shot records. TB shot records can’t be more than a year old from the time of enrollment.
  • If eligible, ALL documents must be submitted BY THE DEADLINE. Summer and Fall is March 1st, and Spring is October 1st.

All eligible students will receive an acceptance e-mail or letter outlining their next steps.
Questions? Contact Kuilei Outreach Program, Drake Zintgraff at drakez@hawaii.edu, (808) 734-9399 or Sheldon Tawata at sheldont@hawaii.edu, (808) 734-9842

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