English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program

ESOL classes at Kapiʻolani Community College (KCC) are unique

A variety of content-based classes help students to develop their academic English proficiencies. A single ESOL class at KCC offers about 8 ½ hours of contact time in class per week. Beginning level classes and non-credit offerings range from 10 to 20 contact hours per semester. By gaining many opportunities for language practice and interaction, students can take control of their language development.

Unlike many other language programs, credit ESOL classes at KCC give students the opportunity to take other credit classes at the same time, thereby making continued progress in their major area of study.

ESOL students have many opportunities for advancement

Students who demonstrate a strong command of academic English may be promoted to English 100 after only one semester. Students who need more time to develop their academic reading and writing skills are invited to join the credit ESOL program. Students in the credit ESOL program are encouraged and expected to enroll in other credit classes at KCC.

KCC has two ESOL Programs, which program is right for you?

The ESOL Intensive Transition Program is for international students who are seeking admission to KCC. Students in this program have a TOEFL® score between 400 and 499 and speak English as a second or other language. The ESOL Credit Program, originally developed for Hawaiʻi`s resident immigrant population, also serves international students (F-1 visa holders). For more information, see “ESOL Intensive Transition Program” and “ESOL Credit Program” under the Related Links (EXAMPLE OF RIGHT COLUMN LINKS SPECIFIC TO PAGE) section.

I am a resident immigrant student, how can I begin taking classes at KCC?

Come to KCC and take the COMPASS/ESL placement test. If you place into ESOL 92, you will need to complete a Writing Sample Test. This test may qualify you for ESL 100 or ENG 100.

For more information, see Sequence of Courses for Resident Immigrant Students.

I am an international student, how can I begin taking classes at KCC?

If your TOEFL® score is over 500, you can enroll in ESOL 94 or you can take an optional Writing Test. With the writing test, it may be possible to take English 100.

If your TOEFL® score is 400 – 499, you can enroll in the one-semester Intensive Transition Program (ITP) in ESOL. After you complete the ITP, you may be able to enroll in ESOL 92 or 94. Depending on my final writing test, it may be possible to enroll in ESL 100 or ENG100.

For more information, see Sequence of Courses for International (F-1 Visa) Students.

Both international and resident immigrant students can have access to KCC’s credit classes!

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