Alumni & Friends

Alumni & Friends Association

Noke. Oha.

Kapiʻolani Community College’s Alumni & Friends Association’s Vision is to bring together alumni, friends, and students to perpetuate our commitment to the College and those we serve. 

Our Mission is to maintain connections with alumni, friends, and students of the College; to foster a spirit of unity while serving the diverse needs and interests of the College, our Community, and the World.

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Twitter: @UHKAPCCAlums


You are an automatic member of the Kapi‘olani Community College Alumni and Friends Association after you graduate from Kapi‘olani CC. As a member, you have access to Employment Prep Center services and resources, whether you are thinking of changing careers, looking for a job or seeking to fill a position in your organization.


Just Give Me a Chance

Just Give Me a Chance

Wima Chulakote is a Kapi‘olani Community College (KapCC) alumnus. He currently teaches at-risk...

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Robert Vasquez has had a stunning career in under 50 years. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant...

Awed by the Universe

Awed by the Universe

How far back can you recall memories from your childhood, and how far can you stretch your mind...

UH Connect

UH Connect is a networking and mentoring platform for UH Alumni.

  • Engage with former classmates
  • Become a mentor and offer career advice
  • Become a mentee and seek career advice
  • Post job opportunities, join discussions, connect with alums in your region, and find a group based on your interests

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