Student Health Insurance Plans

The officially endorsed UH Student Medical Insurance Plan Carrier is HMSA.
For more information, see “HMSA Student Health Plan” .

In the event of a major illness or accident, lack of adequate coverage may interfere with your ability to complete your studies. Insurance should be considered a basic cost, in the same category as housing, food, and transportation. It may be calculated into your financial aid application. If you don’t have coverage, apply as soon as possible.


To qualify for the student health insurance plans endorsed by UH, undergraduates must have a minimum of 6 credits during the fall or spring semesters and 3 credits during the summer sessions.

Students not taking classes during the summer may still qualify for cover if they were enrolled in the previous spring semester and are registered for the following fall semester.

Student Health Insurance Plans

Parents’ Employee Health Plan: Most Hawaiʻi employment-based health insurance plans will provide coverage for dependent children who are full-time students up to age 19, or age 25 in some plans.

HMSA Student Health Plan

HMSA’s student health insurance plan is available to registered students. Each year, an application is mailed to all UH students. Hard copy applications are available at the Office of Student Activities and at the Honda International Center.

Information and application forms are also available at the HMSA web site. See “HMSA Student Health Plan“.

Hawaiʻi Med-QUEST Plan

Med-QUEST is a state health plan for those who meet the low-income criteria. For more information, see “Med-QUEST“, call the Customer Service Section at 808.524.3370 on Oʻahu, or call toll free from the neighbor islands at 1.800.316.8005. The hearing impaired may call 808.692.7182 on Oʻahu or toll free from the neighbor islands at 1.800.603.1201.

Coverage thru a Non-UH Endorsed Provider

For other plans, contact the insurance provider directly. If you have a non-Hawaiʻi health plan, carefully review the terms of your coverage. It may not include services performed away from your home location or by designated medical facilities or providers.

Health Insurance Requirements for International Students

International students are required to purchase health insurance coverage. For more information, contact the Honda International Center.

Health Insurance for Alumni

The University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association sponsors GradMed as a benefit to alumni. They may receive coverage while job hunting, between jobs, or waiting for new employee benefits to begin.

Grad Med is an affordable, comprehensive short-term plan for new graduates, alumni, and family members under age 65. For more information, see “GradMed“.

F1 International Students (with Kapi‘olani CC Home campus only)

All F1 international students with a home campus of Kapi’olani CC are required to purchase a mandatory international student health insurance policy offered through Relation Insurance (brokerage). The link includes details pertaining to 1) how to purchase; 2) coverage dates and amounts; and 3) use and customer service services.

*Please note that all F1 international students with a home campus of KapCC must purchase this designated policy. All other insurances will not be accepted – although some students have opted to hold multiple policies for additional coverage. Once the student purchases the designated health insurance policy through Relation Insurance s/he must email a copy of the receipt to in order to have the registration hold removed.


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