Message from the Chancellor

Dear students, staff, and faculty of Kapi‘olani Community College,

Today I begin my service as the fifth Chancellor of Kapi‘olani Community College. I am proud and excited to accept this new assignment. Proud to represent the campus to the wider community, for there is so much to be proud of. Excited to work with all of you to build on the successes of this institution.

As Chancellor, I have the responsibility to lead, to create a vision for a future that we all, together, can work towards—each in our own way, each in our spheres of endeavor. Kapi‘olani Community College has a long, distinguished history of successfully launching our graduates into careers, either directly after the completion of a degree or as the first step to a baccalaureate degree. Looking ahead, I see students choosing to come to Kapi‘olani Community College, not only because they can pass through our quality academic programs on the way to their careers, but also because of what happens to them while they are here. They have opportunities to make a difference in their communities, to change their communities and thereby to change the world. That is the ultimate goal of education. To change the world. Students will choose to come to Kapi‘olani Community College because they will have opportunities to do exactly that: change the world.

To accomplish this vision, my role is also to clear the path so that learning can take place, so that faculty and staff can do what they need to do to inspire and support that learning so that students grow from that experience. I have taken this responsibility seriously, since the days when I was assigned to PORT, the Practical Obstacle Removal Team, by a Kapi‘olani faculty member during a workshop series years ago.

As Chancellor, I pledge to you the following:

I will be authentic. Students taught me long ago that the only way to have meaningful relationships is to be who you are. Really.

I will make decisions based on principles, after consultation with stakeholders, and for the good of the College.

I will listen with respect.

I will maintain open communication.

The years ahead hold such great promise for us. Together, with our shared goals to guide us, we can realize that promise. I can’t wait to get started. Imua!



Kapi‘olani Community College x