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The Maida Kamber Center has a counseling team available to support students with career exploration, transfer and graduation services. It is recommended that you meet with a counselor before you register each semester and whenever you have questions.
You should also meet with a counselor before:
  • You register each semester
  • You transfer to another college or university
  • You are ready to graduate


Counselors are available to help you:

  • Select a career path and major
  • Select appropriate classes
  • Develop a personalized academic plan (semester-by-semester plan of courses)
  • Connect to resources for your academic and personal success

You should also meet with a counselor before:

  • You register each semester
  • You transfer to another college or university
  • You are ready to graduate

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  • Do you know what your interests are?
  • Do you know what strong skills you possess?
  • Do you know what careers you may find satisfying?
  • Do you need help choosing a major?

If you are undecided on your career goal, we encourage you to explore the resources below.


Focus 2


FOCUS 2 is a free self-paced career guidance tool designed to help you discover and explore career options that match your interests, personality, skills and values. FOCUS 2 offers five reliable and valid assessments to help you develop an accurate self-assessment of your personal qualities:

  1. Work Interests – Your work interests reflect the kinds of work-related activities and tasks you most enjoy doing.
  2. Personality Type – Your personality type is a description of how you react to certain situations and people and how you make decisions, organize information and solve problems.
  3. Skills – Your skills are a reflection of your talents and activities you easily learn and perform well.
  4. Values – Your values are what is most important to you in life. For example, you might value earning a lot of money, helping other people, being creative and artistic, having a secure and steady job, etc.
  5. Leisure Activities – Your Leisure Time Interests are a reflection of the kinds of leisure related activities you most enjoy doing.

Kapi‘olani Community College students may self-register in FOCUS 2.

Access FOCUS 2:

Access Code: kamber3

Complete the self-assessments. Your self-assessment results will be matched with career options and majors/programs offered at Kapi‘olani Community College. Meet with a counselor at the Maida Kamber Center who can help you understand what you are finding out about yourself and decide on appropriate next steps.


You might also be interested in:

  • Hawai‘i Career Explorer Access state occupational data within individual sectors and across all sectors for a holistic snapshot of industry demands and trends
  • Kapi‘olani Community College Employment Prep Center Connects Kapi‘olani Community College students with job shadowing, volunteer, and internship opportunities
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook Access career information on duties, education and training, pay and outlook for occupations
  • O*NET Access career information on work tasks, competencies, interests, values, wages and employment trends for occupations
  • UH Community Colleges Online tool for interactive exploration of career pathways and related academic programs at the UH Community Colleges

Starting at Kapi‘olani Community College is a wise choice. You’ll receive a quality education, save money, and with careful planning effortlessly transfer.

It’s important to learn about the transfer process and to plan for your transfer early. Our counselors are available to help you determine the best pathway to completing your associate’s degree and transferring to baccalaureate campuses within the University of Hawai‘i system as well as to other institutions in Hawai‘i or the continental U.S.

Our Transfer Services

  • Exploring transfer colleges, universities, and majors
  • Understanding the transfer process
  • Academic planning for transfer
  • Transfer fairs
  • Transfer workshops
  • Campus visits by representatives from four-year colleges and universities

Transfer Within The University of Hawai‘i System

One of many benefits of enrolling at the University of Hawai‘i is that, with careful planning from as early as your first semester, your transfer from Kapi‘olani Community College to a UH four-year campus can be seamless, and you can minimize your time to graduation. For more information, visit the University of Hawai‘i System Transfer website.

Transfer Outside The University of Hawai‘i System

Meet with one of our counselors as early as your first semester. A counselor can assist you with preparing for your transfer based on your intended transfer school and major.

What Can I Do With This Major

Are you curious about careers for a given major? This site will help you connect majors to careers.


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Do you plan to earn your associate degree from Kapi‘olani Community College? We are equipped to help you understand where you are on your pathway to graduation.

Our office serves students in these degree programs

  • Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies
  • Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts
  • Associate in Science in Natural Sciences
  • Associate in Science in New Media Arts

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