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CULN 112: Sanitation and Safety

CULN 112 is the study and application of the principles and procedures of sanitation and safety in the hospitality industry. Includes the study of food borne illnesses, biological, chemical, and physical hazards, and cross-contamination as they may occur during the flow of food. An introduction to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and other sanitation and safety programs will also be presented. Safety issues and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and standards will be covered as they apply to the hospitality industry.
2.000 Credit hours
30.000 Lecture hours

Syllabus Available
Schedule Types: Lecture

Food Service & Hospitality Edu Division
Culinary Arts Department


Important Registration and Withdrawal Deadline Information

01/15/2019 Last day to register
01/15/2019 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to receive 50% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to drop (No "W" on transcript)
03/25/2019 Last day to withdraw from class ("W" on transcript)



Class participants are required to come to Kapi’olani Community College to take the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam on a date, time, and location TO BE ANNOUNCED. You must have the official ServSafe scantron asnwer sheet found inside the front cover Coursebook, or available at the bookstore if you have a used book.


We are using the hard copy "in person" exam which requires the ServSafe scantron.

Also, for those who do not wish to submit a video of themselves completing competencies 1, 3, 9 & 10, there will be time after 1:00 pm to complete those competencies in person.

To be successful in this class the student must:
1. Be proficient in computer competency skills including, but not limited to, file upload & download, email, Laulima, research & online testing
2. Have a reliable computer with a reliable internet connection
3. Access to microsoft word processing programs
4. Complete all of the reading, quizzes, tests and assignments

For additional information please contact the instructor Henry Holthaus by email at Please check your MyUH portal account regularly for course announcements, UH system announcements and/or email. Thinking about taking an online class? Go to and take the free distance learning self-assessment.


Course Details

Term: Spring 2019
CRN: 33019
Subject: Culinary Arts (CULN)
Course Number: 112
Course Title: Sanitation and Safety
Instructional Method: Distance – Completely Online
Credits: 2
Grading Options: Standard Letter A-F, Credit/No Credit, or Audit
Instructor: Henry Holthaus
Course Dates: 01/07-05/10
Meeting Times:
TBA TBA WWW 01/07-05/10

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