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CULN 360: Beverage Service Management


Important Registration and Withdrawal Deadline Information

15-JAN-2019 Last day to register
15-JAN-2019 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
30-JAN-2019 Last day to receive 50% tuition refund
25-MAR-2019 Last day to drop (No "W" on transcript)
25-MAR-2019 Last day to withdraw from class ("W" on transcript)



Prerequisite(s): Associates degree in Culinary Arts from an ACF certified culinary institution.

Corequisite(s): Students who enroll in CULN 360 (CRN 33050) must also enroll in both CULN CULN 322 (CRN 33048) and 330B (33049). Students who withdraw from CULN 360 (CRN 33050) must also withdraw from both CULN 322 (CRN 33048) and CULN 330B (CRN 33049).


Course Details

Term: Spring 2019
CRN: 33050
Subject: Culinary Arts
Course Number: 360
Course Title: Beverage Service Management
Instructional Method: Distance – Completely Online
Credits: 3
Grading Options: Standard Letter A-F
Instructor: Daniel Swift
Course Dates: 01/07-05/10
Meeting Times:
TBA WWW 01/07-05/10

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