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ENG 272N: WI-Literature and Film


Important Registration and Withdrawal Deadline Information

15-JAN-2019 Last day to register
15-JAN-2019 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
30-JAN-2019 Last day to receive 50% tuition refund
25-MAR-2019 Last day to drop (No "W" on transcript)
25-MAR-2019 Last day to withdraw from class ("W" on transcript)



Prerequisite(s):A grade of "C" or higher in ENG 100, a grade of "C" or higher in ESL 100, or consent of instructor. This ENG 272N class section (34279) is Writing Intensive.Additional WI prerequisites are ENG 100 or ESL 100 with a grade of "C" or higher.

This ENG 272N (34279) is taught completely online.
To be successful in this course, students must:
1) have full regular access to a computer and to the Internet;
2) have basic computer skills (opening, saving, renaming files);
3) be familiar with a standard word processor (MS Word, WordPerfect);
4) be proficient in navigating the WWW and downloading files);
5) have a UH email address and know how to attach files to an email message..

This class does NOT involve time-specific online meetings. This class does NOT require proctored exams. Any/all of the textbook(s) for this course are available online.

For additional information please contact the instructor via email (


Course Details

Term: Spring 2019
CRN: 34279
Subject: English
Course Number: 272N
Course Title: WI-Literature and Film
Instructional Method: Distance – Completely Online
Credits: 3
Gen. Ed/Focus: DL, WI
Grading Options: Standard Letter A-F, Credit/No Credit, or Audit
Instructor: Mark Lawhorn
Course Dates: 01/07-05/10
Meeting Times:
TBA WWW 01/07-05/10

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