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LAW 101: The Hawai’i Legal System

LAW 101 examines the legal system at the federal, state, and county level. It reviews and analyzes the interactions between the three structures of government and their processes of checks and balances. Students learn about the complex models of constitutions, charters, statutes, ordinances, and court cases, and the interrelated rights and responsibilities between citizens and the three branches at all levels of government. Students are presented with a variety of real-world issues and apply legal theories and terminology in examining and evaluating them. Students also learn about the roles attorneys play in society and about legal behaviors and ethical practices and their interplay between the law, lawyers, paralegals, clients, and the Judiciary. Students critique ethical scenarios and use inquiry and research methods to study and investigate legal ethics and apply their concepts.
3.000 Credit hours
45.000 Lecture hours

Syllabus Available
Schedule Types: Hybrid-Technology Intensive, Lecture

Business Education Division
Business Department

Gen. Ed./Focus:
DS – Diversification: Social Sci


Important Registration and Withdrawal Deadline Information

01/15/2019 Last day to register
01/15/2019 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to receive 50% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to drop (No "W" on transcript)
03/25/2019 Last day to withdraw from class ("W" on transcript)



Textbook cost: $0

Recommended Preparation: ENG 100 or ESL 100.

This LAW 101 class section (CRN 33698) is conducted on the Internet. It is set up in weekly modules and is not self-paced. Students need access to a reliable computer with Internet connection and basic computer skills. Go to to set up your computer.


Course Details

Term: Spring 2019
CRN: 33698
Subject: Law (LAW)
Course Number: 101
Course Title: The Hawai’i Legal System
Instructional Method: Distance – Completely Online
Credits: 3
Gen. Ed/Focus: DS,TXT0
Grading Options: Standard Letter A-F, Credit/No Credit, or Audit
Instructor: Susan Jaworowski
Course Dates: 01/07-05/10
Meeting Times:
TBA TBA WWW 01/07-05/10

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