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SP 151: Personal and Public Speech

SP 151 emphasizes the development of oral communication skills vital in career and personal life. Focus is on principles and skills of effective interpersonal communication, small group discussions, and public speeches.
3.000 Credit hours
45.000 Lecture hours

Syllabus Available
Schedule Types: Hybrid-Technology Intensive, Lecture

Arts & Sciences Division
Humanities Department

Gen. Ed./Focus:
DA – Diversification: Arts, OC – Oral Communication


Important Registration and Withdrawal Deadline Information

01/10/2019 Last day to register
01/15/2019 Last day to receive 100% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to receive 50% tuition refund
01/30/2019 Last day to drop (No "W" on transcript)
03/25/2019 Last day to withdraw from class ("W" on transcript)



Recommended Preparation: Qualification for ENG 100 or qualification for ENG 160 or qualification for ESL 100.

This SP 151 class section (CRN 33581) has a no show policy. Registration on or after the first day of class requires an add/drop form with instructor’s approval. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT ATTEND THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISENROLLED.

This SP 151 class section (33581) requires a 6 person adult audience for the 3 graded speeches.

This SP 151 class section (CRN 33581) is conducted on the Internet. Please check your MyUH portal account regularly for announcements about class cancellations, UH system announcements, and/or email. For additional information please contact the instructor via email (

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Course Details

Term: Spring 2019
CRN: 33581
Subject: Speech (SP)
Course Number: 151
Course Title: Personal and Public Speech
Instructional Method: Distance – Completely Online
Credits: 3
Gen. Ed/Focus: DA,OC
Grading Options: Standard Letter A-F, Credit/No Credit, or Audit
Instructor: Dawn Khaafidh
Course Dates: 01/07-05/10
Meeting Times:
TBA TBA WWW 01/07-05/10

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