Colocasia esculenta

Colocasia esculenta

Colocasia esculenta (taro)

Araceae | Mala Maununu

Native To:


Plant Status:


Plant Habit:

Stems grow from a central base,
leaves are heart shaped, large root

Plant Habitat:

Wet areas near streams

Cultural Uses

Polynesians brought taro to cultivate when they first came to Hawaii, since it has many uses. The Taro corm is full of starch and made up a large part of the Native Hawaiian diet. Poi is made by mashing the taro corm into a paste, and then eating fresh or left to ferment for a few days before eating. However, through different preparation styles, the stems and leaves of the plant can also be eaten.

Interesting Fact

Taro is believed by Hawaiians to have the greatest life force of all types of food.

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