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Business, Legal and Technology

The Business, Legal and Technology Program offers 2-year degrees in accounting, information technology, marketing and paralegal. All of these degrees transfer and apply to 4-year degrees at UH West Oahu. Our counselors help students select classes, make decisions about their education and complete their goals.

Completely Online Learners

Fully Online Learners provides the connection and support resources for Kapi'olani Community College students who choose a path of an exclusively online education. Students are guided through the process and experience of their journey, including online courses, college engagement, persistence and success.

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Counseling office provides support to students with pre-enrollment program information, academic advising, culinary event opportunities, and program scholarship information. Counselors also provide support in transferring to UH West Oahu's BAS-CULM or UH Mānoa's BS-FSHN Culinology programs.

Deaf Students / Deaf Studies CORE

The Deaf Center is the only deaf-related center in the University of Hawai'i system. The office provides academic support to deaf and hard-of-hearing students, including support from a counselor who is fluent in American Sign Language. Additional services include support from the Deaf Education Paraeducator Program --- part of the Center on Responsive Education.

Disability Support Services

The Disability Support Services Office (DSSO) serves its students with disabilities by maintaining equal access to classes, programs, and the physical environment. Students must self-identify to the DSSO, provide disability documentation, and engage in an interactive intake process to request reasonable accommodations.

Early Alert

Early Alert is a communication and outreach program that supports student success through early identification of factors that may affect academic performance. Early Alert supports holistic student development in affective areas through just in time connection with advising, counseling, tutoring, mentoring, and other resources.

Employment Prep Center (EPC)

The Employment Prep Center provides students and alumni of Kapi'olani Community College career preparation and employment services by collaborating with academic programs, campus stakeholders, and our community partners to promote professional development and lifelong learning. Students can use the Job Center Online (JCO) to search for jobs and upload their resumes for employers. We can work with you on your resume, cover letter, application process and/or interviewing skills. Employers can list career opportunities and search for qualified applicants.


The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program is designed to prepare non-native speakers of English to read, write, speak, and listen at a level that enables them to succeed in college courses. The program Coordinator is available to assist students with information about admissions of non-English speakers, placement testing procedures, course expectations, learning outcomes and more.

First Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) is the entry point for Kapi'olani Community College students attending college for the first time. As with any journey, taking the first step can be the hardest part. FYE is designed to give each new student the best possible start by providing the planning, support and guidance needed to find success in the early stages of a college career.

Health Sciences and EMS

Academic counselors guide and support students engaged in health career pathways to earn degrees and certificates. Students are counseled in a variety of areas including admission requirements and criteria, curriculum, program costs, financial aid, licensure/certification, and baccalaureate program transference.

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism counselors help students select classes classes, stay on track for their degree program, and make decisions about their educational and career goals. Counselors can also assist students with academic support needs through individual sessions, workshops and college educational resources.

Kapo‘oloku Program for Native Hawaiian Student Success

The Kapo'oloku Program for Native Hawaiian Student Success exists to ensure that the programs and services of Kapi'olani Community College are equitable for students of Hawaiian ancestry. The program provides a solid foundation for students by reinforcing the importance of education, focusing on personal growth and development within the context of Hawaiian history.

Kuilei Outreach Program - Dual Credit, Campus Tours, Recruitment

The College's transition pathway program that strives to promote cooperative, successful connections, transitions and educational experiences for students who choose to continue their education at Kapi'olani Community College (KCC). The Program serves all high schools, however, an emphasis is placed on KCC's feeder high schools which are Farrington, Kaiser, Kalani, McKinley, and Roosevelt High Schools in addition to schools supporting GED and HISET students. The Program also supports postsecondary awareness opportunities with Oahu's Department of Education (DOE) Middle and Intermediate Schools.

Kūlia ma Kapi‘olani

The Native Hawaiian Career and Technical Education Program (NHCTEP) is a federal grant administered to Kapi'olani Community College for over twenty years through the generosity of Alu Like, Inc. Under the current grant, the goal of NHCTEP is to provide support to 75 Native Hawaiian students with career and technical education programs to help them succeed in attaining certificates and degrees and to transition to the workforce with the option of additional training.

Maida Kamber Center

The Maida Kamber Center is a team of counselors available to assist students in their academic journey. Career exploration helps students identify a major that best aligns with their own individuality. Transfer services are available to assist students intending to continue their education at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (UH), the campuses of the UH system, or outside institutions. Graduation services assists students who are graduating with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, Natural Science, Hawaiian Studies, or New Media Arts.

Mental Health and Wellness

The Mental Health and Wellness Office is an essential resource to the campus community in dealing with mental health conditions. Counselors provide a range of services and wellness activities to support the academic and life goals of our students.

New Media Arts

Counselors provide guidance and support in the exploration of careers in the New Media Arts (NMA) field. Services include an introduction of NMA programs, guidance through the portfolio and application process, holistic support of current NMA students and access to alumni and industry professionals.


Academic counselors provide support to students for nursing career pathways to earn degrees and certificates. Students learn about admission requirements and criteria, program curriculum, costs and fees, financial aid, application for licensure/certification, and transfer to baccalaureate programs.

Pāhihi Program for Returning Adults

The Pāhihi Program for Returning Adults assists non-traditional students who are either returning to college after a period of time or are transferring into the College with at least one completed college credit. The program provides assistance with all processes related to admissions and course registration during the first semester at the College. Optional orientations and college success workshops are available as an additional resource to students.

Paul S. Honda International Center

Counselors at the Paul S. Honda International Center (HIC), as Designated School Officials, are responsible for the College's compliance with federal regulations under the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) in regards to international students. The counselors advise students on immigration regulations that impact their F-1 visa status in areas such as course load requirements, employment authorization, visa status changes, and U.S. entry and departure procedures. Other services include orientation and visa clearance, cultural adjustment programs, connection to campus services, and advocacy for students and international education. They also serve as a resource for the campus community on issues relating to international students.

Student Parents Program

Services are provided for student parents focusing on those with financial need. Counselors provide referrals for child care, legal services and other community resources, and provide scholarship search assistance, and online resources for family friendly events and activities.


TRIO assists disadvantaged students in their academic trajectory toward graduation at Kapi'olani Community College (KCC) and in the optional pursuit of advanced degrees. The TRIO program at KCC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and serves low income, first-generation college students with a documented disability.

Veteran & Military Resource Center

The Veteran & Military Resource Center supports student veterans, active duty military, and spouses & dependents who are eligible for education benefits. Visit/contact us to learn how to use your service-connected education benefits and transition to college life. We provide counseling and academic advising, course certification, and a dedicated space to study, use the computer, and network.



At Kapi‘olani Community College we organize counselors by department specialties. If you are unsure of which counselor is best suited to help you please fill out our contact form and we will assist you in matching you with a counselor.

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