COVID-19 Message from Chancellor Pagotto

COVID-19 Message from Chancellor Pagotto

Dear Kapi‘olani community,

Kapi‘olani Community College is guided by five core values:

  • Kūpono:  Practicing honesty and integrity with clarity in all relationships.
  • Kuleana: Sharing a common responsibility to support the future of our students, college, community, land, and sea.
  • Mālama: Protecting and perpetuating ancestral knowledge.
  • Kūloa‘a: Ensuring that the needs of our students are met with support and service.
  • Kūlia: Creating meaningful curricula and learning experiences that serve as a foundation for all to stand and move forward.

These values remind us of our humanity and serve as our moral compass to live a life of compassion and respect for all persons.

I imagine you are following the news and have seen the very serious situations and public comments on the continent and across oceans about the treatment of African Americans in the US. These are expressions of outrage and accumulations of outrage over time. I would ask that you keep in mind how best to contribute to positive situations in your own sphere of influence and that you take seriously your own franchise of the vote—however that vote happens in November—that you make sure you vote your conscience. I ask, too, that if you have the means, please contribute to those agencies and institutions that support equity and justice for all.

I see good things happening on our campus: the food pantry that provides sustenance so students will not go hungry, or willing faculty who are helping colleagues adjust to a new teaching modality, or volunteers who are tutoring our students so they can be proud of their achievements.

Let us continue to work together to make a positive difference not just for today but for the future, not for ourselves, but for the generations that will follow. And let us make the right choices so we can protect, mālama the earth we call home.

‘Umia ka hanu! Ho‘okāhi ka umauma ke kīpo‘ohiwi i ke kīpo‘ohiwi. (‘Ōlelo No‘eau) Literal translation: Hold the breath! Walk abreast, shoulder to shoulder.

Meaning: Be of one accord, as in exerting every effort to lift a heavy weight to the shoulder and to keep together in carrying it along. Thank you for coming together as one.

Chancellor Louise Pagotto

Kapi‘olani Community College x