Current Koa Exhibition: Sharing the Knowledge

Current Koa Exhibition: Sharing the Knowledge

Jan. 10 – Feb. 24, 2018

CONCEPT DESCRIPTION: “Nicolas Carone/Noreen Naughton: Sharing the Knowledge” is an exhibition that emphasizes the relationship between mentor/teacher and student, as demonstrated by art work by Carone and Naughton, as well as a collection of drawing demonstrations by Carone on Naughtonʻs student drawings.   This exhibition is a satellite exhibition under the umbrella of the Carone Centennial Celebration.  Other venues include the New York Studio School Gallery, N.Y. City (Sept. 5 – Oct. 15, 2017), the Loretta Howard Gallery, N.Y. City ( Sept. 7 – Oct. 28, 2017), the Rare Nest Gallery, Chicago (Oct. 7 – Nov. 5, 2017), and the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, Florida (April 23 – July 29, 2018).  Carone (1917 – 2010) was an important Abstract Expressionist and teacher who influenced many generations of artists, including Richard Serra, Chuck Close, and Sylvia Plimack Mangold, among others. He was a visiting faculty member of the New York Studio School when it opened in 1964 and continued as a faculty member, teaching drawing for 25 years.

Carone received his formative training in Classical drawing and became a student of Hans Hofmann who taught him the abstract plastic language. Caroneʻs lifelong friends, Roberto Matta and Jackson Pollock, urged him to delve into subconscious imagery.  These three major influences coalesced and inspired Carone to create a new space and to paint “the thing unseen.”  “The Thing Unseen: A Centennial Celebration of Nicolas Carone” is the title of his retrospective exhibition at the New York Studio School, as well as the title for the Centennial Celebration Catalog.

Naughton is an artist and Professor Emerita of Art, Kapiʻolani Community College, University of Hawaiʻi. Some of Naughton’s paintings were created when she was the Artist-in-Residence at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in October 2016. She studied with Carone at the New York Studio School in 1969 and the experience developed into a mentorship and close friendship.  Notes, drawings, diagrams and conversations through these 41 years of Caroneʻs life have culminated in the manuscript: The Teachings of Nicolas Carone, Master Artist.

This exhibition will be dedicated to Jay Jensen, as Jay was an enormous admirer of Nicolas Carone.

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