These unit pages are designed to help you find individuals across departments at Kapi‘olani Community College.

Administrative Services

The Office of Administrative Services serves to support the business and facilities operations of the the college with a mission to provide essential support services necessary to achieve its teaching and public service goals. The Administrative Services team are committed to providing services and facilities to enrich a quality learning environment, enhancing education, technology, scholarship, and public service.

Ilima Bldg, Room 211 | Phone 808-734-9531 | Fax  808-734-9162

Alani Children’s Center

Alani Children’s Center provides early childhood care and education for children of the campus community and also serves as a laboratory for the early childhood teacher training programs, service learning, and related programs in the University of Hawai‘i.

4303 Diamond Head Rd. | Phone 808-734-9394

Arts & Humanities

Arts & Humanities promotes the understanding of the function of arts and ideas in a global culture, within the history of ideas both related to and independent of time and place. (Arts & Sciences)

Kalia Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9365 | Fax  808-734-9151

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services provides the campus community with a broad scope of functions and services aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience of KCC students and the work environment of its faculty and staff. Our fiscal and operational management strives to provide these services with integrity, honesty, and professionalism in an efficient, cost-effective and the most technologically enhanced manner.

Olopua Bldg, Room 103 | Phone 808-734-9157 | Fax  808-734-9868


The goal of the Kapi‘olani Community College Bookstore is to serve the needs of the students and faculty as efficiently and effectively as possible by providing a wide variety of services including the ordering and distribution of college texts and materials, spirit apparel, concessions, clothing, office supplies, and much more.

‘Ohia Bldg, Ground Floor | Phone 808-734-9589

Business Office

The objective of the Business Office is to provide quality service to students, employees, and the community in the matters of payment information and monetary functions of the college.

Ilima Bldg, Room 105 | Phone 808-734-9526 | Fax  808-734-9545

Business, Legal & Technology

The Business, Legal and Technology Education Department (BLT) offers a variety of degree and certificate programs for students interested in the fields of business, law and technology. Programs are closely connected to industry partners in Hawai‘i and offered degrees and certificates are valuable in today’s competitive career market.

Kopiko Bldg, Room 201 | Phone 808-734-9100 | Fax  808-734-9147


CELTT – the Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Technology is responsible for planning, developing, and delivering high quality computing and media resources and services for student learning, administrative operations, faculty and staff development, and delivery of instruction and services.

Naio Bldg, Room 201 | Phone 808-734-9711

Chancellor’s Office

The Chancellor’s Office oversees all operations of the Kapi‘olani Community Community College, empowering faculty, staff and the student body through leadership, advocacy and support.

Ilima Bldg, Room 213 | Phone 808-734-9565 | Fax  808-734-9162

Culinary Arts

The Kapi‘olani Community College’s Culinary Arts Program provides a quality education in the culinary and pastry arts, emphasizing the blending of classical techniques with the global influences of our unique geographic location. Students engage in an a learning environment with a progressive curriculum, operational excellence, multi-industry alliances and the promotion of lifelong learning.

Ohelo Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9484 | Fax  808-734-9212

Culinary Institute of the Pacific

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head is being designed to be a culinary training ground, where students will be able to receive an affordable and accessible world-class culinary training from world-class chefs. An advanced program builds upon the strong foundation of the Kapi‘olani Community College’s current two-year degree program, enabling students to pursue a baccalaureate degree of Applied Science in Culinary Management, advanced professional certificates, and/or short-term professional/continuing education courses.

Ohelo Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9484 | Fax  808-734-9212

Disability Support Services Office (DSSO)

Disability Support Services Office (DSSO) is committed to creating a barrier-free campus and provides accommodations to ensure students with disabilities equal access to education.

Ilima Bldg, Room 107 | Phone 808-734-9552 | Fax  808-734-9456

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services at Kapi‘olani Community College provides training and certification for students who wish to work as emergency medical technicians and as paramedics in the state of Hawaii. The department also provides continuing medical education classes for those who are already prehospital care providers. The department also presents CPR, first aid, and first responder courses to promote public safety education. (Health Academic Programs)

Kauila Bldg, Room 121 | Phone 808-734-9289 | Fax  808-734-9126

First Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) is the entry point for new Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) students attending college for the first time. As with every new voyage, sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Don’t get discouraged, because FYE is here to help you figure it all out.

‘Iliani, Room 231 | Phone 808-734-9245 | Fax  808-734-9606

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Department develops and delivers student‐centered health career programs, preparing students for related careers to meet island‐wide and/or Hawaii’s health‐care workforce needs. HSD programs employ industry standards through partnerships with the healthcare community. (Health Academic Programs)

Kauila Bldg, Room 122 | Phone 808-734-9213 | Fax  808-734-9126

Honda International Center

Honda International Center offers academic excellence to students from countries throughout the world, with the goal of developing global citizens who understand and accept the interconnectedness of peoples and celebrate cultural values and rich ethnic diversity.

Iliahi Bldg, Room 107 | Phone 808-734-9312 | Fax  808-734-9454

Hospitality & Tourism Education

Hospitality & Tourism Education prepares students for immediate employment in entry level and/or supervisory positions in the travel and tourism industry both locally and in developing global markets.

Olapa Bldg, Room 112 | Phone 808-734-9258 | Fax  808-734-9808

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office supports the Kapi‘olani Community College’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. Its purpose is to develop and implement policies, programs, and services that balance the efficient use of College resources, while effectively addressing the needs of faculty, staff and administrators.

Ilima Bldg, Room 208 | Phone 808-734-9575 | Fax  808-734-9546


The Hawaiian word Kahikoluamea means the lashing together of three canoes for stability and strength. The Kahikoluamea Department, rooted in Hawaiian values, integrates First Year Experience, Mālama Hawai‘i, and foundational academic skills delivered in English (reading and writing) and in mathematics courses preparatory for college level work.

Kalia Bldg, Room 226 | Phone 808-734-9464 | Fax  808-734-9316

Kapo‘oloku Program

The Kapo‘oloku Program for Native Hawaiian Student Success exists to ensure that Kapi‘olani Community College programs and services are equitable for students of Hawaiian ancestry. The program provides a solid foundation for students by reinforcing the importance of education by promoting personal growth and development within the social, community and cultural contexts of Hawai‘i’s history.

Phone 808-734-9714

Kapi‘olani Deaf Center

Kapi‘olani Deaf Center provides programs and services for deaf students and faculty on the KCC campus, fostering the preparation of Deaf Education Paraprofessionals and programs for deaf children, their families, teachers, and the deaf identified communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific region.

Manono Bldg, Room 102 | Phone 808-734-9210 | Videophone  808-447-3189

Kekaulike Information & Service Center (KISC)

The Kekaulike Information & Service Center (KISC) is a multi-purpose center providing admission, graduation, financial aid, registration and communication services to all credit and non-credit students regardless of location.

Ilima Bldg, Room 102 | Phone 808-734-9555 | Fax  808-734-9896


Perhaps one of the most frightening words for any student at the end of their high school journey is “change.” Suddenly the high school paradigm is turned upside down. Expectations are awash in mystery. So many questions surface in the struggle to build a clear vision of what is to come. At Kapi‘olani Community College (KCC) there is a program specifically designed to take the stress out of the transition from high school to college. The Kuilei Outreach Program promotes an educational experience built on cooperative, successful connections and a smooth onramp to an exciting and positive college journey.

Kūlia ma Kapi‘olani

Kūlia ma Kapi‘olani is a Native Hawaiian Career & Technical Education project sponsored by ALU LIKE, INC. and funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Our goal is to assist Native Hawaiian students who are pursuing degrees in CTE programs to both graduate and find employment in their chosen fields.

Phone 808-734-9554 | Alt Phone 808-734-9654

Kupuna Education Center

The mission of the Kupuna Education Center is to develop and provide training and education for the older adult community population in active aging, to provide family caregiver training, to create a quality and committed community health wellness workforce, and to coordinate this information with all of the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges.

Kōpiko Bldg, Room 201 | Phone 808-734-9108 | Fax  808-734-9128

Languages, Linguistics & Literature

Languages, Linguistics & Literature provides students with a broad liberal arts foundation through coursework in language, culture, and literature in an interdisciplinary context. (Arts & Sciences)

Kalia Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9159 | Fax  808-734-9151

Library & Learning Resources

The Library & Learning Resources department (Library, Open Computer Labs, and Testing/Placement Lab) supports the vision and curriculum of Kapi‘olani Community College. Students interact in an innovative environment for learning and research, and are provided the necessary tools and avenues of communication to build an effective and diverse center for cultural exchange.

Lama Library | Phone 808-734-9268 | Fax  808-734-9453

Maida Kamber Center

The Maida Kamber Center for Career Exploration, Transfer, and Graduation Services strives to empower students and to contribute to institutional effectiveness by counseling, advising, providing outreach services and making recommendations on policy in the areas of career/life planning, transfer, and graduation.

‘Ilima Bldg, Room 104 | Phone 808-734-9500

Math & Sciences

Math & Sciences prepares students to become active participants in the study of fundamental and dynamic areas of human endeavor. Programs are informed by other disciplines, seeking out ways to make an impact on the world at large. (Arts & Sciences)

Kalia Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9161 | Fax  808-734-9151

Native Hawaiian Project

Ka Pōhaku Kuhi Paʻa empowers the values of Nā Hawaiʻi ancestral knowledge through academic engagement and research opportunities. The “Model of Understanding” is designed to revive the essential characteristics of the Hawaiian learning style.
It is a critical effort to increase enrollment, retention, and degree completion of Native Hawaiian students in higher education.


The Nursing Department prepares students for careers as nurses to meet workforce needs in the health care industry in Hawaii. This program trains students to meet rigorous employment standards while providing students the opportunity to continue their formal education. (Health Academic Programs)

Kopiko Bldg, Room 201 | Phone 808-734-9305 | Fax  808-734-9147

Office of College and Community Relations

The Office of College and Community Relations ensures that the Kapi‘olani Community College maintains a positive image with its various constituents, communicates messages and promotes the college and its many programs and services.

Ilima Bldg, Room 203 | Phone 808-734-9568 | Fax  808-734-9893

Office for Community & Continuing Education

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Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE)

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE) assists with all academic, student services, and continuing education programs in assessing student success, the health of programs, developing tactical plans that align with the College’s strategic plans, and providing data to be used as the basis for administrators to determine the allocation of resources.

Ohia Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9767 | Fax  808-734-9443

Office of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is committed to working closely with faculty members and administration in its responsibility for all aspects of academic offerings, including credit courses, programs, curricula, instruction, and course and program assessment.

‘Ilima Bldg, Room 206 | Phone 808-734-9155 | Fax  808-734-9828

Office of Continuing Education and Training

The Office for Continuing Education and Training works to meet the continuing education and training needs of Hawaii’s workers and employers in both the private and public sectors. The office also strives to meet the social and leisure-related, life-long learning needs of individuals in the communities we serve.

Manono Bldg, Room 114 | Phone 808-734-9285 | Fax  808-734-9893

Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities operates as a hub of student programs and services such as the Board of Student Activities (BOSA), Student Congress and an assortment of Registered Independent Organizations or RIOS. The Office of Student Activities strives to compliment the academic, social and cultural experiences at Kapi‘olani Community College.

‘Iliahi Bldg, Room 126 | Phone 808-734-9576

Student Parents Program

Services are provided for student parents focusing on those with financial need. Counselors provide referrals for child care, legal services and other community resources, and provide scholarship search assistance, and online resources for family friendly events and activities.

‘Iliahi Bldg, Room 201 | Phone 808-734-9504

Social Sciences

Social Sciences strives toward a diversity of goals by presenting students with an introduction to social and behavioral scientific paradigms and teaching them to analyze the intricacies of individual, group, community and societal relationships. (Arts & Sciences)

Kalia Bldg, Room 101 | Phone 808-734-9160 | Fax  808-734-9151

Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs provides a variety of programs, services and policies designed to create an ideal environment for the education and personal growth of our students. The academic journey of a Kapi‘olani Community College graduate represents a promise fulfilled in our goal of providing each student with a vibrant, living campus designed to encourage confidence, independence and dynamic thought. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs oversees student support services, co-curricular activities, counseling, health services, employment and career guidance. We provide multifaceted support for minority students, especially Hawaiians and Filipinos, students with disabilities, senior citizens, and students with special concerns, such as academic grievances and student conduct issues.

Transfer Year Experience

Transitioning to Kapi‘olani can be an overwhelming experience. If you feel lost, confused, or have any questions about transitioning to Kapi‘olani, don’t hesitate to contact the Transfer-Year Experience Program. Your first step to transferring to KCC begins here!

‘Iliahi Room 127 | Phone: 808-734-9676 | Fax: 808-734-9606

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO assists disadvantaged students in their academic trajectory toward graduation at Kapi‘olani Community College and in the optional pursuit of advanced degrees.  The TRIO program at KCC is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and serves over two hundred students.

‘Iliahi Bldg, Room 113 | Phone 808-734-9553

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