Kapi’olani Association of Research in Microbiology


Kapi’olani Association of Research in Microbiology (KARM) is dedicated to the advancement of education in biomedical sciences through research and innovation. It offers faculty and peer-led mentorships in various biomedical research platforms for building the confidence, aptitude, and knowledge of undergraduate students. Students will apply the scientific method to question, test, and analyze different aspects of the microbiological world. The knowledge gained and research performed, shall be disseminated to the surrounding college and scientific communities, thereby facilitating the sharing of knowledge for the greater good of science and humanity.

The skills you learn through lab exercises are easily translated into the industry of biotechnology and research. If you complete the biotech courses and participate in the research experience, you will have an appreciation for science that many fail to attain because they are caught up with just grades.


Former KapCC student and current UH graduate student specializing in HIV research

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