Monoclonal Antibody Service Facility and Training Center

The Kapi‘olani Community College Monoclonal Antibody Service Facility and Training Center (MASFTC) utilizes campus students in the production of reagent monoclonal antibodies. The generated antibodies are then used for ongoing investigations, or provided to research clients on a contractual basis.

Collectively, the MASFTC benefits the student and research communities by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to apply concepts and methods gained in the campus Tissue Culture and Immunology and Protein Chemistry courses.
  • Further advancing the students’ course training, skills, and experience.
  • Contributing to other undergraduate student research projects in molecular and cellular biology.
  • Providing students with contemporary lab job skills needed in various research areas.
  • Supporting topical research platforms.
  • Producing requisite biological tools for research, diagnostic, and prognostic settings.
  • Generating research data for local and national scientific presentations.
  • Collaborating with off-campus researchers.

Antibodies are essential tools in the research and medical communities, yet an astounding proportion of these remain inconsistent and uncharacterized. Therefore, the MASFTC is also reconfiguring antibody production in order to create customized recombinant antibodies that may be efficiently produced and characterized, and more easily modified and improved upon. Given that the demand for precise monoclonal antibodies by biopharmaceutical and therapeutic companies is increasing, the MASFTC allows the researchers and students of Hawai‘i to keep pace with current medical trends.

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