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C Porscha dela Fuente

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I have lived in either the 96815 or 96816 for most of my life, and I find solace in my neighborhoods and in its surrounding areas: Walls, Kapi'olani Park, Kahala Beach, and Waimanalo. My favorite places are anywhere in Kaua'i or the British Isles--England, Scotland, and especially Ireland. As a fifth-generation settler, my family has come from island homes, halfway around the world, only to scatter across this archipelago. My people come from the Azores, the Madeira Islands, and Ireland. The call to be near the ocean runs deep.

The work of teaching writing and literature has brought me amazing amounts of stress and even more joy. Every semester that rolls around I look forward to meeting new students, the return of familiar ones in advanced courses, and the general excitement that my work brings - seeing colleagues and staff, trying out new curriculum, and balancing projects and teaching. I love change. I love never knowing what the day will bring in a classroom. The anticipation of what a student will stay or think about a reading or an assignment is addicting. Even though I thought I was not cut out to teach, I can not imagine doing anything else, really.

Ever since I was old enough to stand on a stool to clear the edge of the counter, I have gravitated to the kitchen. Cooking is my therapy. I ponder at the chopping board, figure things out stirring a pot, and decide on a course of action as I put on the final touches to a dish. I have yet to master the fine art of baking. Frankly, I don't have the patience yet, but there is not a recipe or dish I can't wait to deconstruct and make my own.

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Academic Background

BA, MA in English, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

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