Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality

As I enter my third year of college at KCC, the statement “Wow, I was such an idiot” struck my mind as I realized a few mistakes I made over the past two years. Since beginning college, my parents constantly remind me to be ahead of the game which forces me to prepare weeks in advance from the first day back to school. Now looking back, it hit me that the many reminders I was given were unnecessary to check off my to-do list early.

The most crucial mistake I made, and believe many other college students have made, was buying all of my textbooks before classes began. I would have this fear from thinking that I needed to have my textbooks ready for class even though I knew nothing normally happens on the first day. As a result, I would visit the bookstore a week before school began to start looking for used textbooks to purchase, believing that I was getting the best deals on earth since I was saving a few bucks compared to the brand spanking new plastic sealed books.

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(author & img: Kapi‘o News Writer Lexus Yamashiro

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