How Net Neutrality Ruling Affects KCC

How Net Neutrality Ruling Affects KCC

In December 2017, under the new leadership assigned by President Donald Trump, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality regulations, casting a shadow on the future of people’s online experiences.

The main idea behind net neutrality is that internet service providers – ISPs – must treat all data on the internet the same. Laws prohibiting ISPs from blocking, throttling or prioritizing online content were passed in 2015, under the Barack Obama administration. This means that certain types of data, such as the one needed for banking, cannot be prioritized – also known as going through “a fast lane” – over pictures or videos, which are more bandwidth-consuming. This way, big corporations, such as Google cannot pay to have their information delivered quicker than a smaller content provider, for instance, a personal blog.

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(author: Kapi‘o News Writer Katlin Cilliers; Img by Kim Baxter) 

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