Job Fair Welcomes Students

Job Fair Welcomes Students

Natsumi Yoshimura was dressed for the job she wanted in this 2018’s Job Fair at Kapi‘olani Community College. Sporting a neutrally toned skirt and a matching professional-looking blouse, the 25-year-old Liberal Arts major wandered among booths and exchanged contact information with talent recruiters from Banana Republic and The Street HNL.

“Of course I had to dress like a professional,” Yoshimura said. “… The class, they laughed at me, they’re like, ‘Why did she dress like that today?’”

Her classmates’ comments didn’t seem to bother Yoshimura, who attended the job fair with set goals.

“I came back to KCC because I wanted to make sure that I was really into hospitality,” she said. “Then, I wanted to challenge myself in the United States. I am Japanese. So, yeah, I met the one girl from Halekulani, Banana Republic, and the restaurant industry was amazing. They tell me, like, detailed, what they require and yeah, and they try to assist me.”

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(author & img: Kapi‘o News Writer Katlin Cilliers

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