Ka‘ie‘ie Transfer Pathway

Kaʻieʻie Program

Ka‘ie‘ie is a transfer pathway program for students at Kapi‘olani Community College (Kapiʻolani CC) who are planning to transfer to UH Mānoa. If your ultimate goal is to earn a four-year undergraduate degree but you chose to begin your degree at Kapiʻolani CC then Ka‘ie‘ie might be for you. Kaʻieʻie is designed to help students successfully transfer from Kapiʻolani CC to UH Mānoa.

Ka’ie’ie students:

  • work with transfer specialists and counselors to create a long term academic plan
  • receive academic advising at both campuses (Kapiʻolani CC and UHM)
  • can take Mānoa courses while still completing courses at Kapiʻolani CC. (dual-enrollment)
  • admitted to both Mānoa and Kapiʻolani CC (dual-admissions)
  • register early upon transfer to Mānoa (priority registration)

To learn more about the Ka‘ie‘ie Program and eligibility requirements visit the 
Ka‘ie‘ie Webpage at UHCC.

To see if Ka‘ie‘ie is right for you:

  • Attend a Ka‘ie‘ie Workshop to learn about the program and the application process. The sessions are usually held in the Maida Kamber Center (MKC) in Ilima 104. For current semester dates please see the SOS Calendar, stop by the MKC Office or call 734-9500.
  • Meet with the Ka‘ie‘ie Transfer Specialist Jennifer Brown (jb26@hawaii.edu, 808-734-9596) or the Ka‘ie‘ie Coordinator Gemma Williams (gemmaw@hawaii.edu, 808-734-9505)
  • Meet with a Maida Kamber Counselor and indicate your interest in Ka‘ie‘ie

The Mānoa Transfer Coordination Center (MTCC) is the Mānoa home for the Ka‘ie‘ie Transfer Specialists. The MTCC is located in Sinclair Library, Mezzanine 2. You can learn more about the MTCC on the Mānoa Transfer Coordination Center Homepage.

Other Resources to Prepare for Transfer

Secrets of Success (SOS) Workshops
In your first semester at Kapi‘olani Community College, learn how to plan your time including how to prepare for your major at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. These workshops are mandatory for first-year students. Register for workshops.

What’s my Major?
Not quite sure what your major will be? Then explore majors and career pathways by completing the FocusCareer2 or Career Kokua assessment, then schedule an appointment with a counselor. Complete a Career Assessment.

How do I request a transcript?
To obtain a copy of your permanent record (transcript) from Kapi‘olani CC, you need to fill out a Request for Transcript Form and submit it into the Kekaulike Information & Service Center (KISC) in ‘Ilima 102.

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