Parents program supports student families

Parents program supports student families

Nanette Fritz recalled the time when she took Math 75X during her first year in Spring 2017 and became acquainted with a classmate who was a student parent.

The 39-year-old, who is a single parent of two daughters ages 9 and 11, expressed this to her classmate as they chatted in the bathroom while Cathy Wehrman, the coordinator and a counselor of the Student Parents Program (SPP) on campus, walked in and overheard their conversation. Wehrman recognized Fritz’s classmate as a student who uses the program and suggested that she introduce Fritz to the program.

“The next day I came and stopped by,” Fritz said. “I’m a single parent. I’ve always been looking for resources [and] benefits to help me, especially financially, [as a] single mom struggling with my two girls.”

The SPP provides services to all students with families on campus as long as the student is parenting a minor under the age of 18. Student parents can receive career and personal counseling, community referrals and resources, opportunities to attend workshops, presentations, and more. The program also extends assistance to grandparents who have custody of or are guardians to a student’s child.

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(author: Kapi‘o News Writer Lexus Yamashiro; Img by Lexus Yamashiro) 

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