Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Aloha Kapi‘olani CC Student,

Kapi‘olani Community College’s (KapCC) Student Affairs Division is here to support you as as a student. As a proud KapCC student, you have both rights and responsibilities to adhere to. We expect that as members of the KapCC community, you will fulfill your responsibilities as a student under the student code of conduct. The code of conduct was established to maintain a safe and productive learning environment on campus. Please review our website for additional information

If you are concerned about a fellow student or are in need of support you can use the following link to report any concerns:

KapCC has many programs and services to support you in all aspects of your lives.  Your health and success are very important to us and we are here to help you achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals. For more information about the various activities, programs and services you can access at KapCC, please visit the following link:

To review the code of conduct please visit the following link for more information about your rights and responsibilities as a member of our community: If you have any questions or concerns contact us today at

Dr. Brenda Ivelisse

Kapi‘olani Community College x