Students share published work

Students share published work

Tuesday marked the release date of the Spring 2017 editions of the Lēʻahi Creative Arts Journal and the Ka Hue Anahā Journal of Academic & Research Writing. Both journals feature writing and art created by students in a wide range of classes at KCC.

While the Lēʻahi Journal focuses on creative literature and works such as narrative essays and paintings, Ka Hue Anahā shares mainly research and academic papers.

Jordan Umeno, the chairperson of KCC’s Board of Student Publications, which is responsible for publishing the journals, said that BOSP wanted the journals to be a “cross-curriculum kind of thing. We didn’t want it to be just photography or just painting or just straight scientific research, but something that encompasses everything that has been produced at KCC academically.”

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(author: Kapi‘o News Writer Gavin Arucan; Img by Gavin Arucan) 


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