Travel Diaries of Ken Bushnell

Travel Diaries of Ken Bushnell

The Koa Art Gallery

The Travel Diaries of Ken Bushnell: Moving On

January 15-March 7, 2015

Ken Bushnell was born in 1933 in New Mexico. He moved here and there and attended High School at Glendale Hoover High School in the Los Angeles basin. His higher education began at the City College in Glendale where he took a class in theater design. He transferred to UCLA, got involved in musical theater and later began graduate school.

While at UCLA he studied printmaking, specializing in lithography and etching and began his life-long study of drawing the human figure. This has been the one stabilizing factor in Ken’s career, the eye of the artist to interpret and draw in the classical manner of the masters. One may think this is improbable given the minimalist and geometric based nature of his shaped canvases and prints. However, there is always the classicist waiting in the wings to be nourished by drawing the figure and to take the sketch book along on travels near and far.

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