We Have Winners!

We Have Winners!

The 2017 Taste of Korea Competition and Awards Banquet was held on October 28 at Kapi‘olani Community College. Kapi‘olani student Korey Kasparovitch won first place, winning $2,000 and an all-expense tour trip to Korea later this year.

The eight contestants in Hawai‘i’s competition were challenged with creating their own version of the iconic Korean beef dish, “Bulgogi.” The contestants were provided with the basic bulgogi ingredients and were allowed to bring in one specialty ingredient of their own. Within one hour, they were required to prep and prepare two portions of their dish for tasting and judging.

The eight contestants were either Hawai‘i Cook Apprenticeship students, or from Kapi‘olani CC’s Culinary Arts program. Other entries came from “Hallyu” or “Korean Wave” Churches or fan clubs.

Here are the top winners:

  • 1st Place: Korey Kasparovitch
    Hawai‘i Cook Apprentice and current KapCC Culinary Arts student.
    Korey is also the Executive Chef at Pint and Jigger.
    Prize:  $2,000 and an all-expense paid trip to Korea.
    Special ingredient:  Pickled Mushrooms
  • 2nd Place: Justin Udomi
    current KapCC Culinary Arts student
    Prize:  $1,000
    Special ingredient:  Golden Kiwi
  • 3rd Place: Haruka Tanaka
    current KapCC Culinary Arts student
    Prize: $500
    Special ingredient:  Spring roll wrappers

More about the 2017 Taste of Korea Competition:

The Taste of Korea Competition is sponsored by the Korean Consulate in Hawai‘i and the Ministry of Agriculture in Korea to promote Korean Cuisine to the world. In past years, the first place winner proceeded to the international competition in Korea to compete for the chance of becoming the Global Champion. There is no international competition in Korea this year, so the prize money that would have been awarded to the global champion was allocated to regional competitions giving winners in each regional competition a larger cash prize.

Student competitors all performed well under pressure and were praised by the Korean Consul for their professionalism and creativity.

Special appreciation goes to Chef Alan Tsuchiyama who served as a tasting judge for the competition.

Congratulations to all our student winners!


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