Hawaiian Language

According to the University of Hawai‘i, UH Style Guide, the Hawaiian language uses two diacritical markings. To best understand how to properly use these markings, please consult the section, Hawaiian Language Considerations.

The State of Hawaii, University of Hawai‘i and Kapi‘olani Community College strongly encourage the use of these diacritical markings whenever possible. It might be helpful to understand that, in some cases, a Hawaiian word is actually considered misspelled should the diacritical marking be either left off or misrepresented. In some cases, the Hawaiian word without proper markings might have a different meaning altogether. For example, “moa” is the Hawaiian word for chicken, while “mo‘a” means cooked.

The Easy Way

To help you edit your text to comply with the proper usage of diacriticals, our team has added a convenient tool to the WordPress toolbar. Just highlight the appropriate section of your text and select an option from the scroll down menu.

Input via HTML

To input diacritical markings manually, follow the guidelines provided by the University of Hawai‘i.

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