Tech Talk

Tech Terms

The world of technology is constantly developing making it difficult at times to keep up with its many related terms and phrases. We though we’d give you a leg up with a little help from the Associated Press Stylebook. We’ll be sure to update this list as new developments emerge.

Frequently Used E-terms

  • dial up (verb)
  • dial-up (adjective) account
  • email (no hyphen)
  • Internet (cap “I”)
  • log in (verb)  e.g., Before you log in, be sure to have you account in order
  • login (noun) e.g., You may now begin the login process.
  • log out (verb) e.g., You may now log out of the system.
  • logout (noun) e.g., The logout procedure has begun.
  • multimedia (one word, no hyphen)
  • Net (cap “N,” no apostrophe)
  • offline (one word, no hyphen) i.e., Offline is state of being.
  • online (one word, no hyphen) i.e., Online is a state of being.
  • Web (cap “W”, unless used as an adjective. e.g., web development tools.
  • website (one word, lowercase “w”)

Web Words

Although references to the Web itself use a cap W, these Web-based words use a lower case w.

  • webcast: A live broadcast on the Web.
  • webmaster: The creator of a site.
  • webzine: A magazine published on the Internet.

Common Acronyms

  • Bcc: blind carbon copy
  • cc: carbon copy (BCC – blind carbon copy)
  • CD: compact disc (plural CDs)
  • dpi: dots per inch (usually lower case, never spelled out)
  • EPS: Encapsulated PostScript
  • FAQ: frequently asked question
  • FPS: frames per second
  • FTP: file transfer protocol
  • GIF graphic interchange format
  • GUI graphical user interface (plural GUIs)
  • HTML hypertext markup language
  • IP Internet protocol
  • ISP Internet service provider
  • JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • LAN: local area network
  • OOP: object-oriented programming
  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics
  • RAM random access memory
  • ROM read-only memory
  • RSI repetitive strain injury
  • TCP/IP transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
  • TIFF tagged image file format
  • WAN wide area network

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