ESOL Program

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program at Kapi‘olani Community College (KapCC) prepares English language learners for success in college

ESOL courses at Kapi‘olani Community College give students opportunities to develop the academic English and college study skills that will prepare them for the language demands of college classes.

There are two different ESOL Programs at Kapi‘olani Community College, the ESOL Credit Program and the Intensive English Program.

ESOL Credit Program

The ESOL Credit Program is designed for both resident immigrant and international English language learners. The program consists of beginning-level, intermediate-level, and advanced-level courses. Each course develops listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills together, and meets for about two hours per day (8.5 hours per week). Students in this program can also take other college classes while they are enrolled in their ESOL course. Most students take one ESOL course and one or two other college courses per semester. (It is also possible to directly enter ESL 100 [a college-level class] based on placement test results.)

ESOL Credit Program courses

  • ESOL 90 Beginning ESOL
  • ESOL 92 Intermediate ESOL
  • ESOL 94 Advanced ESOL
  • ESL 100 Composition I
ESOL 90 to ESOL 92 to ESOL 94 to ESL 100

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is designed for international English language learners. The program consists of three courses that are taken at the same time. Each course develops listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills together. Total class time is about 18 hours per week. Students in this program take only these three English courses; they do not take other college courses at the same time. After students complete this program, they can take the ESL placement test to enroll in higher-level ESOL / ESL courses and take other college courses.

Intensive English Program courses

  • ESOL 50 Intensive ESOL 1
  • ESOL 52 Intensive ESOL 2
  • IS 54 Introduction to College for ESOL Students
Intensive English Program sequence of courses:

Getting Started

If you are a resident immigrant (Green Card holder), non-resident immigrant, or naturalized US citizen, your first choice is the ESOL Credit Program. You can get started in this program by completing the KapCC application and following the steps on the First-Year Experience page. If you have questions about the ESOL Credit Program, you can contact the program coordinator, Anthony Silva, at or (808) 734-9332.

If you are an international student with an F-1 visa, your first choice is either the Intensive English Program or the ESOL Credit Program, depending on your English language proficiency. You can get started by following the steps on the International Admissions web page. If you have questions about the Intensive English Program, you can contact the Honda International Center at or (808) 734-9312.