Student Publications

Our mission is to provide students with high-quality publications to encourage the expression of their creativity and personal worldviews, in a supportive environment that shall be safe, intellectually stimulating, and enduring, in a manner worthy of our student body, alumni, and the Kapiʻolani Community College (Kapi‘olani CC) campus community.

The Board of Student Publications (BOSP) publishes student works in print and online, guided by its mission, as stated in its Charter:

  1. Provide media for instruction and training
  2. Showcase student talents
  3. Provide media for sharing information, ideas, and opinions
  4. Support cross-curricular emphases

Online Publications

Kapi‘o News is the student newspaper of Kapiʻolani Community College. We publish on a regular basis and feature student writing in the following categories: news, features, and opinions. All Kapi‘olani CC students are welcome to contribute content to this online newspaper. For inquiries and information about Kapiʻo News, contact Kim Baxter.

Print Publications


Le‘ahi, Journal of Creative Arts – (poetry, fiction, drama, film scripts, autobiography, narrative, creative nonfiction, art, and photography). Our spring print publication is produced from works of courses offered at Kapi‘olani CC. For inquiries and information about submissions, contact Dawn Oshiro.

Ka Hue Anahā

Ka Hue Anahā Journal of Academic & Research Writing publishes work of all disciplines, programs, and courses, except for Science, Technology, Engineering, and math research reports, which are published in Pueo ʻo Kū. The name Ka Hue Anahā translates as “The calabash of light” or “The wellspring of reflected light”, and is meant to reflect the diversity of opinions and spectrum of cultures our island state fosters. The name also pays homage to the concept of ‘welcoming ideas across the curriculum’ previously advanced in a 2004-2006 publication called Spectrum. For inquiries and information about submissions, contact Dawn Oshiro.

Pueo ʻo Kū

Pueo ʻo Kū features the research writing of Kapi‘olani CC’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. Established in August 2005 the STEM program aims to improve the quality of education in the fields of STEM through various initiatives, including undergraduate research projects, peer mentoring, and summer bridge programs. Visit the Kapi‘olani CC’s STEM program.

Submit Your Work

Want to see your name live on forever in print? Become a published artist or author by submitting your work today! Students interested in submitting a writing or art piece to any of the three journals may do so online. Submissions from the spring, summer, and fall semesters will be reviewed and selected for publication in the following spring semester.

BOSP Online Digital Archive

The BOSP digital archive contains digital copies of the following:

  1. Kapi‘o (Printed Newspaper): Spring 1965; Spring 1975-Spring 2014 [806 items]
  2. Journals: Diamond Journal [26 items]; Full Circle [3 items]; Horizons [8 items]; Ka Hue Anahā [2 items]; Kaʻimiloa [3 items]; Ka Nani [22 items]; Kapiʻo Magazine [3 items]; Lē‘ahi [4 items]; Spectrum [10 items]; Pueo ʻo Kū [1 items]; Single Issue Publications [5 items]
  3. Yearbooks: Nursing, 1992-1995; Food Service and Hospitality, 1994 and 1995)

Contact Information

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