Board of Student Activities

The Board of Student Activities (BOSA) is one of three Kapiʻolani CC chartered student organizations (CSO’s) and consists of a 9-member board of seven students and two faculty/staff members. BOSA is responsible for the planning and implementation of co-curricular student events centered around education, cultural, social, and recreational means. BOSA creates the budget for the Office of Student Activities (OSA) and works in cooperation to provide services, activities, and events for the campus community. Part of the duties of the BOSA is to evaluate funding requests from Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) also known as student clubs.



Meeting Minutes

Access to our meeting minutes can be found in our Google Drive. Anyone within the University of Hawai‘i can view.


Event Suggestion

If you have an event suggestion, please email


Contact information

  • (808) 734-9559
  • ʻIliahi Building, Room 128 in the Kāmokila Student Center

Board Members

Chair — Lorenbhel Beltran: Head of the Board of Student Activities, conducts regularly scheduled meetings, represents BOSA to the campus and the public, maintains and oversees a working relationship with other board members

Vice-Chair — OPEN: Creates, plans, oversees, and maintains annual budgets and budget proposals, the main representative for the other Chartered Student Organization meetings, advises decisions made by the chair, point of contact for funding requests

Public Relations and Recruitment Officer — Marin Suzuki: Leads in the recruitment efforts of the Board of Student Activities promotes BOSA to students and the campus, and oversees all the social media accounts for BOSA

Secretary — Alex Chau: Draft and maintain official records and minutes for the Board of Student Activities, organize and file documents for BOSA, file requests, applications, and documents for approval of location, equipment, and supplies of events

Voting Member — MiJung Lee

Voting Member — pending

Staff voting member — Open

Faculty voting member — Joy Oehlers


Board of Student Activities Advisor — Romyn Sabatchi

How to join the board

Fill out an application and please have your cover letter and resume ready to upload onto the form. All Board Officers and regular voting members are paid positions. Hiring is subject to open positions.

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