Student Life

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  • The Koa Gallery is dedicated to showing the best of Hawai‘i’s contemporary and fine arts masters.
  • Performing Arts open you to the rhythm of life and the drama of the World around you. This is where to find out what shows and events you can experience on campus.
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  • Bookstore is the place to find everything you need to take on your course-load fully prepared and ready to succeed!
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Campus Service Directory

  • The campus Service Directory is a quick list of the most heavily requested phone numbers and locations of services across our campus.
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Chancellor’s Newsletter

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Food & Dining

  • Food & Dining shows you the way to experience the broad range of dining experiences on campus. Take-out to sit-down, fast to fine…your order is up!
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  • Housing will help you find a place to go home to. Whether you’re looking for a studio, apartment, single or shared…take a look!
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LGBTQ+ Resources

  • We welcome all members of our campus community: transgender, māhū and people of all gender identities. Browse our list of LGBTQ+ Resources and services.

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  • Library The Kapi‘olani Community College Library and Learning Resources Center is an amazing key to opening your education to the world. Find the information you need and explore the depths of knowledge in this digital age.
  • The Study Hub @ Lama Library provides support for math and writing from Student Mentors and Faculty Volunteers. Study Hub support is available during Library hours. Check the schedule at for more details. Come study with us!
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News & Events

  • The Board of Student Publications (BOSP) publishes student works in print and online, including the Kapi‘o News.
  • Our faculty-curated News & Events bulletin includes news submissions direct from our Faculty and Staff. Get the news about the who, what, why, when and where you’ve gotta be to make the most of your Kapi‘olani Community College experience!
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Office of Student Life

  • Office of Student Life is your connection to the Board of Student Activities (BOSA), the Student Congress, the events calendar, and a host of resources and services for the Kapi‘olani Community College student.
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On-Campus Employment

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U.S. Passport Office

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