Single Parents and Displaced Homemakers (SPDH) Program

The Single Parents and Displaced Homemakers program provides support and services to single parents or displaced homemakers to help them gain marketable skills that will lead to economic self-sufficiency. We receive federal funds from the Carl Perkins Vocational Education Act.

You are eligible for services, if you are:

  • a KCC student
  • a single parent (unmarried, divorced, legally separated, or widowed) with custody of a minor child or children
  • or a displaced homemaker who has lost the main source of income due to divorce, separation, disability, death of spouse, or other similar event.

SPDH also considers your major, household income, financial need, and grades when determining eligibility for certain services such as textbook and childcare financial assistance.

To apply for our program:

  • Attend an information session
  • complete an SPDH intake form

Appointments or phone intakes may be scheduled for those unable to attend a session. 

  • Career and personal counseling
  • SPDH information sessions
  • Child care information
  • Financial aid & scholarship information
  • Textbook assistance
  • Extensive community and agency resources
  • Online updates about events, program emails for information on scholarships and resources

Federal Funds: The Student Textbook & Supplies Voucher is one of the services of the Single Parents and Homemakers (SPDH) Program at Kapi‘olani Community College. This program is supported by the Carl Perkins Vocational Educational Act of 2006.

To qualify for Perkins declare funds, students must be in a career and technical major and enroll in related courses. These are A.S., C.A. or C.C. degrees, in majors such as Nursing, Health Sciences, Culinary, and Legal. The Textbook & Supplies Voucher can only be used at the KCC Bookstore towards KCC classes.

Private Funds: Single Parents and Displaced Homemakers students who are Liberal Arts majors are eligible for Textbook Vouchers supported by private donation scholarship funds. These are intended for LBART majors who either intend to transfer to a 4-year university or are preparing for one of KCC’s select admissions programs such as in Health Sciences, Legal or Nursing. All other eligibility requirements must be followed. These awards are offered in the form of a check reimbursement, and may take several weeks for processing, so recipients must cover the up front the purchase of textbooks.

The number of credits taken each semester will determine the amount of the voucher. For students taking 9 or more credits the award will be $150.00, of which $10.00 can be used for supplies. For 6 to 8 credits the amount awarded will be $100.00, of which $10.00 can be used for supplies.

Priority for this Textbook & Supplies Voucher will be given to students who are Single Parents, Displaced Homemakers with the greatest economic need and who have exhausted their financial aid eligibility. (U.S. Department of Census is used to determine low income standards) Also, those closest to graduation will be given higher priority.

All applicants must meet the Single Parent or Displaced Homemaker eligibility requirements on the application form, and sign the affidavit.


Download forms & documents at the SPDH Program Toolbox.


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